All people on HAMA tours are required to have their own personal travel insurance. By booking the tour, you are warranting that you have insurance. You will provide details where asked and agree to hold Hoi An Motorbike Adventures harmless should any situation arise where you are required to make a claim on your insurance.

We recommend your travel insurance includes evacuation cover.


All passengers must hold a valid passport and valid visa. It is your responsibility to obtain a current Vietnam visa. Hoi An Motorbike Adventures are a reputable business and can organize your letter of approval upon request.

Cancellation by Hoi An Motorbike Adventures

Hoi An Motorbike Adventures operates its tours in all weather. That is half the fun of riding a motorbike in tropical Vietnam. In the extremely unlikely event that Hoi An Motorbike Adventures is required to cancel a tour, and is unable to arrange a suitable replacement date with you, then a 100% refund applies.

Cancellation by You

Cancellation fees apply to all cancelled reservations. Hoi An Motorbike Adventures incurs costs each time a tour is booked. The cancellation fee will be determined by the date Hoi An Motorbike Adventures is advised in writing that you cancel your booking.

Cancellation Fees are as follows:

Half and Full-Day Tours

The booking is cancelled within 24 hours of tour departure date or once the tour has departed: the fee is 100% of the tour price.

The booking is cancelled within a week of tour departure date though not within 24 hours of departure: the fee is 50% of the tour price.

Overnight and Multi-Day Tours

The booking is cancelled within 7 days of tour departure date: the fee is 100% of the tour price.

Sri Lanka Tours

The booking is cancelled within 30 days of the tour departure date: the fee is 100% of the tour price.


Refunds are not made for any unused services. No refund will be made if you leave the trip early for any reason.

All prices quoted are in VND and USD, and for all other currencies the payment is to be made using the exchange rate of the day:

The payment can be made into our Vietnamese bank account or by using PayPal. You are responsible for any bank or PayPal charges. If you are already in Hoi An, you can come to our office and pay in cash or with your credit card.

A 25% deposit is required to secure your booking. The balance is to be paid no later than the day prior to your tour departure.

Our tours are fantastic because they change regularly. We spent a lot of time researching (read: “having fun looking for new stuff to see”) and ask all our guests for feedback so we can continue to improve our tours. The itineraries for our multi day tours will reflect the number of days on tour along with a broad itinerary; though we may include some things not included in the itinerary, because they are cool. It is difficult to put a comprehensive itinerary in place for a day tours because every day is different!

This only applies to self-riders on our motorbike tours.

We take great care of our motorbikes. If you damage them on tour, we need to fix them. We take a security deposit of 1.000.000 VND to cover damage to the bike while it is in your possession on the tour. If the damage exceeds this amount you are responsible for it. We are in the business of ensuring your adventure is exciting and memorable. We are not in the business of overcharging or trying to take your money for damage. We are honest and fair and simply want to keep our bikes in the condition in which you received them.

Accidents and incidents on our tour are rare, though when they occur you are responsible for covering the cost to fix the bikes, up to and including full replacement value in the rare (really, rare) event of a write-off. Depending on the bike you choose you are looking at 1,500 USD for a Minsk (as they are becoming rare), 2,000 USD for a scooter, and 3,500 USD for a dirt bike. We do our best to take great care of you on tour, though we cannot ride the bike for you. So if in doubt, grab a driver and enjoy the ride from the best seat in the house!