• Motorbike Tours Vietnam

    Leave behind those preconceived notions of touristy villages — our tours are the real deal! Whether you are looking for sightseeing, food or off-road experiences, we cater for everyone with a sense of adventure.

  • Motorbike Tours Vietnam

    Leave behind those preconceived notions of touristy villages — our tours are the real deal! Whether you are looking for sightseeing, food or off-road experiences, we cater for everyone with a sense of adventure.

  • Motorbike Tours Vietnam

    Leave behind those preconceived notions of touristy villages — our tours are the real deal! Whether you are looking for sightseeing, food or off-road experiences, we cater for everyone with a sense of adventure.

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More than 10 years ago we’ve started with our Motorbike Tours in Vietnam and we continue to marvel at the beauty of its countryside, the kindness of its people, and the rich culture, that we enjoy sharing with you on our trips. In the past few years we have added more destinations – Laos, Sri Lanka, Italy and Morocco.

You can take your pick out of Half or Full Day Tours around Hoi An and Da Nang, or Multi Day Motorbike Tours leading you deep into the country. If you wish to venture further, Hoi An Motorbike Adventures will take you out of the tourist towns and show you the real Vietnam with secret places off the beaten track. From National Parks and Cultural Sites, to Ethnic Minority Villages and the Ho Chi Minh Trail. There is nothing like exploring a country while enjoying the freedom of a motorbike ride. The only thing you need is a sense of adventure.

But don’t take our word for it and read the praise of our many customers that went to explore Vietnam with us from the back of a motorbike.

Our licensed drivers are experienced in private tours and tours for big groups and speak English well for smooth communication. All our tours are group tours and open for everyone to join, unless you book a private tour.

We don't have any tours that match those preferences. Please see our other tours.

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vietnam motorcycle tours Sidecar Explorer slide 1 From 52 USD
Sidecar Explorer

Go for an adventure in a retro soviet-style sidecar and experience a once-in-a-lifetime escapade with photographic opportunities, unique...

vietnam motorcycle tours village Adventure slide2 From 60 USD
Village Adventure

We zoom out of Hoi An to explore the Thu Bon River Delta hinterland. We traverse irrigation channels, dyke walls and country laneways,...

my son explorer hama motorbike From 80 USD
My Son Explorer

Greet the sun and celebrate a new day on this adventure filled half day My Son tour to the ancient Cham capital’s UNESCO World...

vietnam motorcycle tours hoi an experiences slide1 From 60 USD
Hoi An Experiences

We start the day by riding our cool retro bikes to the water coconut palm forest, before stopping on the Cua Dai Bridge at the mouth of...


mountains delta explorer1 280x210 From 120 USD
Mountains & Delta Explorer

Looking for a real slice of Hoi An and central Vietnam. Look no further. This is our full day adventure for everyone! Leave the other...

hai van pass beyond1 280x210 From 125 USD
Hai Van Pass & Beyond

This one day trip over Hai Van pass is so jam-packed with adventure it certainly ranks among the top rides in Vietnam. Today’s...

monkey mountain adventure From 120 USD
Monkey Mountain Adventure

Hundreds of tourists a day pass over Hai Van Pass but few ever make it to Son Tra, an area of infinite beauty and blissfully-free of...

hai van pass coast1 280x210 From 150 USD
Hai Van Pass & Coast

Transfer tour – Tour starts in Hoi An and finishes in Hue. Today’s bike journey from Hoi An to Hue takes us along the gorgeous and...

tea plantations villages1 280x210 From 175 USD
Tea Plantation & Villages

Embark on a jam-packed day trip with this adventure into Vietnam’s central highlands. Start your journey cruising through quaint...


Multi-day Tours Central VIETNAM

hill tribe village adventure1 280x210 From 370 USD
Hill Tribe Village Adventure

2 days/1 night – Pack more memories into two days than most people get in two weeks! We wind our way through the photogenic Thu Bon...

vietnam motorcycle tours ho chi minh trail adventure1 280x210 From 390 USD
Ho Chi Minh Trail Adventure

2 days/1 night – Hoi An to Hue Transfer tours – The Central Highlands of Vietnam offers some incredible and largely untouched...

hue adventure1 280x210 From 585 USD
Hue Adventure Loop

3 days/2 nights – Vietnam’s greatest 3-day adventure! Every day showcases the diversity of cultures and scenery to be found in...

dmz adventure1 280x210 From 720 USD
DMZ Adventure Loop

4 days/3 nights – Take a shot of history as we ride through stunning mountain scenery and lush, mountain pathways that lead us back in...

vietnam motorcycle tours khe sanh and DMZ Adventure 1 280x210 From 585 USD
Khe Sanh and DMZ Adventure

3 days/2 nights – Hoi An to Hue Transfer tours – This three-day adventure takes you through some of the most famous war sites on...

vietnam motorcycle tours jungle rider adventure 1 280x210 From 875 USD
Jungle Rider Adventure

5 days/4 nights – Stunning scenery, gorgeous roads and great riding: pretty much the perfect combination for an unforgettable jungle...

vietnam motorcycle tours phong nha cave adventure 1 280x210 From 1,110 USD
Phong Nha Cave Adventure

6 days/5 nights – Grab a slice of gorgeous Phong Nha! This unique national park is one of Vietnam’s few remaining pockets of old...

the grand world heritage1 280x210 From 1,120 USD
The Grand World Heritage

7 days/6 nights – The Grand Dame! The best central Vietnam has to offer! Our 7 day journey takes us from Hoi An to Phong Nha taking in...

vietnam motorcycle tours Central Vietnam highlights Slide 2 From 1,700 USD
Central Vietnam Highlights

9 days/8 nights – Join us on an epic 9-day journey across central Vietnam as we take the road less travelled through ancient cities,...

Multi-day Tours South VIETNAM

vietnam motorcycle tours Jungles and Beaches Ghenh Da Dia 280x210 From 1,110 USD
Jungles and Beaches

6 days/5 nights – Join us on this action filled adventure through jungles and beaches in central Vietnam. With Ha Long Bay, Sapa and...

vietnam motorcycle tours hoi an to Ho Chi Minh city 1 From 1,200 USD
Hoi An to Ho Chi Minh City

6 days/5 nights – Kick-start your tour at our main garage set in the most beautiful town in Vietnam, Hoi An.

Hoi An is filled with...

Multi-day Tours North VIETNAM

vietnam motorcycle tours ha giang The Northern Loop tour 2 From 1,600 USD
Ha Giang – The Northern Loop

8 days/8 nights – Ride into Vietnams famed Northern Mountains, where spectacular scenery, breath taking views, unspoiled nature and...

vietnam motorcycle tours ha noi to ho chi minh city 1 From 3,220 USD
Hanoi to Ho Chi Minh City

14 days/13 nights – Riding from the North to South of Vietnam is an experience of a lifetime. Embarking on a motorcycle trip in Vietnam...

vietnam motorcycle tours ha noi to hoi an 1 From 1,400 USD
Hanoi to Hoi An

7 days/6 nights – Explore roads lined with war and history. Hanoi to Hoi An is the perfect route to explore the Northern regions of...

Vietnam motorbike Rally Indochina 1 1,800 USD
Rally Indochina

10 days/9 nights – 7 riding days – Held annually in Vietnam, Rally Indochina is the largest annual charity motorbike ride in South...

Motorcycle Tours Around The World

Join us on any of the below tours in Laos, Sri Lanka, Italy or Morroco. We have set departures for each tour and for Laos & Sri Lanka tours we can also offer other dates for group bookings.

motorbike vietbam Off roads Laos tourthumbnail1 From 2,750 USD
Off-road Northern Laos

Laos is the often forgotten neighbour of Thailand, Vietnam and Cambodia. But it is an intriguing country, rich in history and its lack...

vietnam motorcycle tours mountains and beaches the best of Sri Lanka 1 280x210 From 2,500 USD
Mountains & Beaches – The Best of Sri Lanka

11 days/10 nights – 9 days riding – Our Mountains and Beaches tour showcases the best the island has on offer. From glorious mountain...

Nov 15, 2024

Italy, Alps and Dolomites

9 vacation days/7 riding days – From fashionable Milan to the bustling canals of Venice, our Italian adventure takes you on a journey...

Moroccan Madness

9 vacation days / 8 nights / 7 riding days – Join us on an extraordinary voyage across exotic Morocco.
Our 7-day on-off road journey...

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The staff at Hoi An Motorbike Adventures are passionate about giving you the best service and experience. If you have any questions about our tours and services or if you would like us to send you some more information, please fill out the form below and we will reply to you as soon as possible. Please note that persons without a valid motorcycle license or under 18 years of age must ride as a pillion.